Video Showreel

The Challenge

Every pixel counts when you’re trying to tell a compelling story. That’s why we spend so much time in preproduction learning everything we can about the program’s goals, audience, method of distribution and budget. Then we debate the script, the storyboards, what location to use and which camera package will work best. Literally hundreds of decisions are made before one second of footage is shot.

The Solution

The resulting imagery is given just as much care and concern in post. Finding the right tone through pacing, music, and graphics is just as important to the success of our client’s work. But our work doesn’t stop there. We give just as much care and concern to the final product making sure the right compression format is deployed so our audience gets the optimal viewing experience. We also love the opportunity to take our video projects to the next level creating options like embeddable custom video players, interactive DVD menus and print packaging to provide creative continuity to a project from beginning to end.
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