Stryker: Making a Difference
Two Telly Awards
Stryker: Making a Difference
Stryker: Making a Difference

Stryker: Making A Difference

The Challenge

How does one of the world’s most innovative medical technology companies promote its corporate culture in an emotionally compelling way to its employees around the world? How do you create a connection between these employees and the end user of their products when they are either used beneath the surface of the skin (such as hip replacement systems) or to equip medical facilities? (such as surgical instruments, stretchers and so on.)

That was the challenge Manning faced when called on by Stryker and its PR agency Gibbs & Soell to develop the centerpiece of their new customer focused branding campaign.

The Solution

We proposed a theme that combined Stryker’s mission to improve patients’ lives with images of the human body as art. We accentuated the human form by shooting actors in a studio. Superimposed animations allowed us to peer inside to reveal Stryker’s amazing orthopedic technology and illustrate how it helps people live their lives to the fullest.

Accompanying this opening are stories filmed on three continents of Stryker products being used by patients, physicians/surgeons, and hospital administrators. The resulting DVD was translated into 21 languages and distributed to employees and clients around the world. The program was also honored with two bronze Telly Awards.
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