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Sharpie Music Video Mashup

The Challenge

Sharpie fans produce amazing works of self-expression by using Sharpie pens and markers in innovative ways. And to reward fans for their loyalty and to show off their creativity, Sharpie produced its first ever music video featuring music from Chicago indie-rock group California Wives and the creations of thousands of Sharpie fans. But not satisfied with limiting participation to the artists whose works were selected for the music video, Sharpie challenged us to come up with a way for their fans to show off their creativity online.

The Solution

It’s these fans’ ingenuity that inspired us to explore unique ways of using the web as a tool for creativity and self-expression. And so we asked ourselves, “what if each fan could make their own version of the music video featuring whatever artwork they wanted?” What we built was exactly that—the Sharpie Music Video Mashup lets fans search more than 18,000 pieces of user-submitted artwork and then choose their favorites to create their own remix of the music video. The experience uses custom APIs to locate user artwork and then builds the Music Video Mashup experience in real-time using HTML5. Launched with a TV spot aired during the MTV Music Video Awards, the experimental web app has extended the campaign and allowed thousands of Sharpie fans to join in on the fun.
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