Navistar Defense Website

The Challenge

How can a website showcase both current products and a legacy of excellence? The foundation of the success of Navistar Defense is the exceptional quality of their armored military trucks – a natural focus for their site redesign. At the same time, Navistar Defense wanted to create a stronger connection to the International brand on their vehicles. The company’s superb post-sales support and engineering stem from the company’s commitment to quality work. Navistar Defense challenged us to create a site celebrating their forward-thinking vehicles and their enduring reputation of reliability.

The Solution

The redesign spotlights the pride and expertise of the people of Navistar Defense. Sections of the site are devoted to crucial post-sale components, like Lifecycle Support and Parts. The vehicle browsing experience has been updated with a unique filtering and sorting functionality; individual truck pages feature 3-D renderings for a 360 view of the site’s stars. The website also boasts a wide array of multimedia, including video of the vehicles in action and employee interviews. These components reinforce the core of the brand: Navistar Defense stands for quality International military trucks and quality service.
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