IC Bus Quality Video

The Challenge

How do you produce a compelling video about safety and quality when the audience has heard it all before?

IC Bus, a division of Navistar, asked us to produce this video to stress the importance of these two issues to everything that they do and make it resonate on a personal level to its audience: the company’s employees.

The Solution

We decided to show how high the stakes are for getting safety and quality right. The video begins with footage of employees’ young children on their way to school boarding an IC manufactured bus. This is a strong visual reminder of how important their work is and how it directly touches people’s lives.

Throughout the video, employees connect their efforts to improve safety and quality directly to their own lives. As one inspector said, “When I inspect this bus I ask myself, ‘Would I want my kids to ride on this bus?’” Personalizing the issue of safety and quality resonated with workers and resulted in the DVD being distributed to all IC Bus employees nationwide.
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