Lincoln Park Zoo
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Children interacting with Chimps Should Be Chimps

Chimps Should Be Chimps iPad App

The Challenge

How can an iPad app change the public’s perception of chimpanzee actors? Lincoln Park Zoo’s Project ChimpCARE knows that chimps in entertainment are no laughing matter: these animals are often separated from their mothers at a young age, mistreated on set, and abandoned once they are too old to control. The zoo sought an innovative, attention-grabbing idea that supported their educational ideals. Manning proposed leveraging the popularity and intergenerational appeal of the iPad to raise awareness of these troubling issues.

The Solution

Chimps Should Be Chimps presents these often complex topics to young readers and their parents in a way that encourages discussion and discovery. The interactive iPad storybook invites children (and adults) to explore the world of the zoo through tap to play surprises and environmental animations. Families can also find a wealth of educational information hidden inside the pages. The touchscreen platform let us seamlessly supplement the text with pop-up Chimp Facts, adding a layer to the traditional children’s book. Though the message is fairly serious, Manning wrote, illustrated, and developed the app with a focus on the joys of being a chimp. The app entertains, engages, and educates without losing sight of its hopeful message.
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