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The Challenge

How do you redesign an online newsroom to communicate across the increasingly fragmented news and social media landscape? That was our challenge when the American Bar Association asked us to redesign their Media Relations and Communication Services site.

They needed a platform for their traditional news releases, event information and podcasts. But Media Relations’ audience was expanding to include ABA members, the legal community and the general public. They needed to provide information that would appeal to all of these segments in an intuitive way that also allow people to share that content on other social media sites.

And we needed to have it done in time for the group’s annual meeting—just eight weeks away!

The Solution

We focused on the way users actually seek and receive information. We also wanted to make it easier for ABA to post dynamic content and maintain the site. The result is a redesigned and rebranded online newsroom, ABANow.org, that reflects their new approach to news creation, dissemination and sharing.

The project required a content management system with loads of custom functionality. We built a media player from scratch that could handle HD video, full-screen viewing and a bevy of sharing functions built right in. The site also filters information by interest and a "related stories" feature cross promotes similar content. It may be years before other comparable businesses or organizations catch up to the feature-set of this site.

Our concept and execution paid off when the site was nominated for the prestigious Webby Award.
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