Sharpie Lets Fans Show Their Creativity

Manning launches Sharpie Music Video Mashup, an experimental web app that allows fans to combine fan artwork with a music video premiering during the 2012 MTV Music Video Awards.


Children`s iPad Book Now Available on iTunes

Chimps Should Be Chimps, an iPad storybook created in partnership with Lincoln Park Zoo, is now free to download from the App Store.


Navistar Defense Puts Users in Driver`s Seat

A new online strategy at the heart of the Navistar Defense website designed by Manning.


Data Visualization: Seeing is Believing

New techniques for conveying complex information in succinct, yet engaging ways.


iPads Popping Up in Unexpected Places

The Apple iPad debuted to expectations that it would be everything from the savior of print to the future of books and gaming. But can it also revolutionize the way some companies do business?

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Manning designed site up for the Internet`s top honor in the Best Law Website category.


"Making a Difference" Takes Two Tellys

We love winning awards. Red carpet, black tie, shiny trophies, the whole shooting match. So we were thrilled to win two Tellys for the global branding video "Making a Difference." Rather than thanking our mothers...


Award-Winning Video Production

Chicago-based team of professionals with network broadcast news experience

Expect more from Manning Productions than any other multimedia and video company. We have more than two decades of experience producing, scripting, directing, shooting, editing and compressing video for the web, touch screen kiosks, meetings and other presentations. Let us show you the power of video to create a compelling digital experience.

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